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This Letter Is For All Christian Women 
Trying To Break Free Of Anxiety without Success
From the desk of Dr. Kim West

Struggling with anxiety makes us feel weak, stupid and isolated. Why can’t we get over this? Something must be wrong with us because others aren’t struggling with this.

Just controlling (or trying to control) thoughts isn’t enough to stop the overwhelming anxiety. Thoughts just come back and the body insists that there is something scary about to happen - even bringing panic attacks. 

Google helps and also causes more fear. Doctors want to medicate. Counseling once a week barely makes a difference and is expensive. Family and friends are frustrated because anxiety changes us and our ability to live normally with them. 

Medications can help some but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem and actually destroy the anxiety. And, there is the embarrassment that can come from needing medications. 

Faith and prayer help but somehow doesn’t seem to be enough to stop anxiety and that makes us feel deep shame and a failure.  

Pretending that anxiety isn’t present when in public just makes the anxiety even stronger and telling friends and family brings shame and embarrassment because they just don’t understand.

We can’t just “get over” anxiety, hope it goes away or Google our way out of it. Anxiety keeps becoming a tighter and tighter prison, life gets smaller and smaller and there seems to be no escape.

We need expert help that actually stops the anxiety AND teaches us how to live anxiety-free for life.

Anxiety's Days Are Now Numbered

Hi, I'm Dr. Kim West and I've been helping my clients break fully free from anxiety for two decades... 

Until now I've only worked with one person at a time but with anxiety at an all time high I had to do something. My heart hurt so much when I saw the pain my clients went through every day with anxiety. As I helped them to break free, I realized that I want to help as many  Christian women as I can who struggle with this debilitating affliction.

So, I've created the, "Me Anxiety-Free" program. This is like nothing you have been through before. 

This program reaches deep into the causes of anxiety, how it takes on a life of its own, how to control those racing thoughts, learning to calm the body, stop the fear, silence the inner bully, know Christ in a deeper and more intimate way and connect deeply with Him. And, there is so much more! 

For those who join me, we aren't just going to stop the anxiety, we are going to transform daily life and bring peace to heart, mind, body and spirit. 


The “Me Anxiety Free” Program

A 10 week, interactive course that takes you from anxiety-filled to anxiety-free 
This is the perfect program for all Christian women who want to live the promised peaceful life in Christ!

It is for all that have had their lives and joy stolen by anxiety and desperately want it back!

This program is for those ready to say, "I want to be the real 'Me - Anxiety Free,'" and mean it!

It is for those that want a true faith that defeats anxiety and claims peace as a daily way of life.

This is for those who want to be in a loving, caring, safe, supportive environment to finally find healing!

No matter how long anxiety has been present, in just ten weeks we will exit it from your life forever.

"I think you are the best Christian counselor I've ever counseled with and I’ve been 
to a dozen in my lifetime.

In my spirit I believe this is such a sacred calling and I hope God blesses you with many clients."


What’s Inside the “Me Anxiety Free” Program?

Released From Fear - 10 Week guided training to lose anxiety forever (Value $1250)
This is the meat and potatoes of the Me Anxiety Free program. This online course contains video guidance, written instruction, downloadable audio, worksheets and more. With lifetime access you can return again and again so you can maintain the peace you gain in the program.

40 Calming Videos (Value $2000)
It isn’t just our minds that need to calm down. Anxious bodies need help to relearn how to be peaceful, how to relax and stop being in a constant fight or flight response. In order to control anxiety, we must start by calming the body first. It’s hard to grab hold of peace when the body is so anxious. These daily videos will calm the body to start to calm the mind.

Take Charge of Your Mind (Value $37)
One thing that I hear from my clients is that their mind won’t leave them alone. It “what ifs” and thinks constantly of all the bad that can happen. Let me help stop this cycle forever.

Silence Your Inner Bully (Value $37)
We have to silence the ugly resident in the mind. It's the one that constantly criticizes, belittles, discourages and hurts. Just 10 days and we will shut it up for good AND replace it with a voice that is kind, encouraging and loving.

No More Panic Attacks (Value $37)
There is nothing scarier than a panic attack. We can actually train ourselves to have them. Learn to untrian them and stop the cycle. Retrain the body and mind so panic attacks become just a distant memory.

Two devotionals to help you find true peace and joy (Value $74)
These amazing devotionals will not only help you to find more and more peace each day, but will also deepen your relationship with Christ in an amazing way. 

"Is Your God Too Small?" (Value $37) 
If we don't really know God, then it will be difficult to believe we can give up trying to control our lives. This course focuses on who God is, His character and attributes so we can rest in His heart of us and give up control to Him.

BONUS: Private Facebook group (Value $6250)
Anxiety can bring shame and isolation. No more. This group is filled with women who are on the same journey to wholeness. They are also learning to become free of anxiety. Here is a place to be accepted, never embarrassed or shamed for the struggle. Make true friends as you are supported and cared for. I'll check in throughout the day so you have continual support. 

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Weekly, live, interactive Zoom calls (Value $3000)
Sure, one can go through the entire program alone, but why would anyone want to? Each week we will meet to go over the program in greater detail. I’ll answer your questions and work with you if you find yourself getting stuck. This is 90 minutes a week for interactive help, support and encouragement.

"I thanked Our Lord sooooo much for sending you into my life. You saved it...
I was at the brink of the pit...

So I asked Our Lord to bless you for all you have done to help me...
putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again and for pulling me off the ledge:+)"


Why This Program Works When Others Don't

What works in the struggle with anxiety is:

- daily interaction with someone who understands anxiety and how to break free of it; 
- daily exercises to calm the body and mind; 
- daily truth that undoes the lies of anxiety and brings real freedom. 

What works is being in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental place to work on releasing the grip of anxiety until it is completely gone.

What works is having an expert to walk this journey together until the goal of being anxiety free is reached. 

My clients know how to evict anxiety forever, know the truth that sets them free and how to live in a peaceful body and mind.

Imagine being like them:
  • dramatically stopping the frightening, anxious thoughts…
  • never again having to say “no” to an event for fear of a panic attack…
  • anxiety free so that life is restored, the prison doors are opened wide and a calm, peaceful mind is normal.
  • ​a calm, peaceful body and mind
  • ​an inner voice that encourages rather than discourages
  • ​a life with Christ that is real and intimate and is the foundation for a peace-filled day

"The first time I heard myself laugh, really laugh, was after the weekend breakthrough
with Kim West. Life is supposed to have joy but my abuse had stolen
my ability to experience it.

Just one weekend and my life is completely different. I love that we also met weekly for the 
next two months after the weekend together so that I could learn how to live a healed life.
I laugh a lot these days because God has completely healed me from the abuse."


The Full Me-Anxiety Free Course
4 payments of $124

The Full Course PLUS Weekly, 
Live Support
4 payments of $250
GUARANTEE #1: Try out the program and, if at the end of the first week you don't feel that this is a good fit, just let me know and I'll give you a 100% refund.

 GUARANTEE #2: For those who choose the support option, at the end of our ten weeks together, you do not feel that you have conquered your anxiety then I will enroll you for another ten weeks of our coaching program free of charge. I’ll do all that I can to help you to truly be anxiety free. 

Only you can implement what you learn through the Me Anxiety Free program. I cannot make the changes in your thinking, in controlling panic attacks, in silencing the inner bully or any of the other pieces of this program. 

If YOU follow the program and put into practice what I teach, then you will reap the benefits of the program. You have the full power to change your life with my help, but, YOU must make the changes and I know you can and will.

"The sessions I had with Kim were amazing! 

She encourages, empathizes and is compassionate. Always pointing us to Christ. 
God is using Kim in a mighty way no doubt about that and God has truly gifted her 
with the ability to speak truth in such a short time. 

God has gifted Kim with a uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit
 and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. 
Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful."


How much time is required?
Five days a week for ten weeks, there will be new content in the membership site. There will be a new calming video, a time of teaching about anxiety to bring you truth and freedom and a closing devotional. Maybe an hour total. Then you have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned throughout the day.
How fast can I see results?
By the end of the first week you should start to feel some relief. But, this is not a race. Anxiety took hold over time and we can expect that by the end of our ten weeks anxiety will either be completely gone or very close to it.
What kind of support can I get if I’m stuck?
There will be a private Facebook group and I’ll be there every day. That means we can support one another and I’ll jump in to help you. For those that choose the support option, there will be weekly Zoom calls where we can talk over the material and apply it to your life. 
Is this program entirely online?
Yes, all the content is available online in the membership site. The twice monthly live Zoom calls for those choosing the support program are also held online as is our private Facebook group.
Is everything available immediately?
Yes and no. I know anxiety can make us desperate for relief so rushing through might seem like the best way to go. It isn’t. The content and all the material is dripped daily. That slows anxiety’s pace, it means that we are more able to focus upon each day’s teaching and take in and work out each day’s content. 
Do I need a special program to access the materials?
No. You will be in a private membership site. You will login and your materials will all be there waiting for you. You will need a Facebook account to join our private group.
How long can I keep it?
You will have lifelong access to all of the content.
What if I decide this isn't for me?
Go ahead and jump into the program. If, at the end of the first week you don't feel that this is a good fit, just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund. But, before you ask for a refund, if you want, we can talk and see if we just need to make some adjustments to help with your anxiety.  I want you to be free!

"For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any
true and lasting freedom.
I highly recommend Dr. Kim West! I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did."


Is It Time To Finally Be Free of Anxiety?

Anxiety makes life small, steals joy, destroys relationships and removes the idea of a good, hopeful future.

But, in just weeks after joining "Me Anxiety Free," anxiety can become a thing of the past. With a peaceful mind and a calm body a full life will be restored.  

Let’s get started!

Kim West PhD M.Div.

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Testimonials are real but pictures used are stock photos in order to protect the identity of my counseling clients.
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